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River Links

Clady Village including Clady Bridge, Urney Road and Bellspark Road.

The Works basically will consist of:

•    Provide interpretative signage at 4No village entry points.
•    New road kerb, geotextile to stabilise the embankment and ground cover planting at the entrance to the village on the Urney Road & Bellspark Road. This work also involves reconditioning existing railings at the top of the embankment and stone cladding to an existing low level facing brick wall.
•    Create a public space with seating, soft planting and provision for the village Christmas Tree Opposite Kirks Bar.
•    Provide a parking and picnic area overlooking the stream opposite Smugglers Bar.
•    A section of wall between Clady Bridge and the village is to be upgraded to natural stone to match the bridge. New pillars and gates will also be provided.
•    Improve frontages of 2 sites on the Urney Road with new weld mesh fences similar to the fence of Aidan Wray Motors in the village.
•    Replace existing block work on the Donegal side of the Grade A listed Clady


Recreational Areas / Public Places