Cross Keenan Pump Station

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Cross Keenan Pump Station

The works comprise of permanent and temporary works associated with the construction of a steel framed masonry clad Water Pumping Station off concrete foundations, a twin pitched roof & the installation, commissioning and testing associated with the provision new water pumps. The amounts of permanent and temporary works associated with the site are typically as set out below;

•    Location of services
•    Excavations for foundations/basement
•    Placement of reinforcement
•    Pouring of concrete for foundations/basement/ground slab
•    Erection of steel frame, overhead crane and cold rolled purlins with
associated roof sheeting.
•    Masonry infill block walls.
•    Installation of pumps & associated electricity requirements
•    Connection of pumps to mains
•    Connection to electricity supply
•    Commissioning of the installed system and its component parts
•    Provision and laying of 700mm diameter pipes


Ground works, Non-infrastructure / Building