Creggan Burn Park

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Creggan Burn Park

Creggan Burn Park Greenway, Derry

The Project is for the provision of a 3m wide combined bitmac pedestrian / cycleway within Creggan Burn Park.  There are 5 sections of path to be constructed.

The construction works includes:

  • Construction of 5 sections of 3m wide bitmac paths.
  • Installation of site lighting
  • Landscaping works
  • Site drainage
  • Fencing and gates
  • Earthworks and drainage.
  • Construction of reinforced concrete staircase with bespoke steel railings and bicycle channel, composite timber post and steel railing ancillary street furniture benches, seats, bollards, litter/dog bins, signage, etc. Clearance of existing vegetation, tree, shrub, bulb planting and grass seeding.


Ground works, Recreational Areas / Public Places