Carrickmore WWPS

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Carrickmore WWPS


This scheme is being undertaken within the existing site of Carrickmore WwPS, which is located off the Drumnakilly Road, outside the village of Carrickmore, County Tyrone. This scheme involved the construction of a new Wastewater Pumping Station (WwPS) to replace the existing defective WwPS on site.
The scheme also involved the provision of a new pumping sewer to replace existing, inlet foul sewer diversion works and new overflow sewer.

The proposed pumping sewer is 900 metres long and is predominantly located on the carriageway ofDrumnakilly Road, with a small section located within private lands. The overflow sewer is also laid within private lands (a field located immediately to the east of Carrickmore WwPS), where it is proposed to discharge to an existing watercourse.

This scheme involved the following:

  • Construct new 2.4m diameter pump sump, 2.4m diameter valve chamber, 3.0m diameter storage tank and 1.2m diameter flowmeter chamber at existing site to replace existing pumping station. Existing pumping station to be kept operational during construction.
  • Construct 900m of 110mm OD HPPE 10 BAR pumping sewer inc. hatchboxes and air valves.
  • Construct 17m of 200mm diameter uPVC inlet sewer and 3 No. precast concrete manholes
  • Construct 27m of 200mm diameter uPVC / ductile iron overflow sewer with accompanying peak screen and headwall at outfall point.
  • Install new control panel in lockable kiosk, hosereel in lockable kiosk, telemetry,floodlighting standard and other miscellaneous Mechanical and Electrical items
  • Temporary works, minor ancillary works and reinstatement


Water / Waste Water Treatment, Non-infrastructure / Building