Cafre Greenmount Dairy Centre New Dry Cow House

Cafre Greenmount Dairy Centre New Dry Cow House

This building is a single storey agricultural building, constructed as a steel braced portal frame off traditional pad and strip concrete foundation. The roof is clad with fibre cement and translucent sheeting. The elevations are constructed in rendered masonry to the specified height and finished to roof along the gables in proprietary box profiled un-insulated single skin sheeting and with timber spaced boarding along the side elevations. Timber purlins and side rails were used. The ventilation and lighting systems were designed to optimise cattle health and productivity. The floor incorporate ducts, steps and channels to facilitate cow cubicles, feed passages, slurry management, and foot-baths. Floor finishes were designed to maximize animal welfare.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

Quinn Automatic Ltd worked with the Considerate Constructors Scheme on this project. This scheme outlines Codes of Considerate Practice which was implemented during the construction process. This involved the consideration to neighbours around the New Dry Cow House, as well as respectful, environmentally conscious, responsible and accountable, taking into consideration appearance and safety also.


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