CAFRE Hill farm – New Sheep House

CAFRE Hill farm – New Sheep House

The Department of Agriculture has invested £825,000 in a new sheep housing and handling facility at the College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise’s (CAFRE) Greenmount Campus.

The new facilities will allow students and local sheep farmers access to innovative technologies which will enable them to learn about the very latest sheep rearing and management techniques, according to the department.

E Quinn Civils Ltd was awarded the project Jan 2016 and completed works Oct 2016, Quinn Automatic has a very experienced understanding of the requirements and standards for buildings in the agricultural industry.

The design of the building included measures to promote animal welfare. The building is a single storey agricultural portal framed structure with single skin cladding. The building is 80m x 27m on plan with an eaves height of 4m. The roof pitch is 18 degrees.

The internal layout consists of a total of 19 slatted sheep pens floored using a suspended proprietary system to allow slurry to be collected in four below ground tanks. The tanks are 1.8m deep and formed using reinforced concrete, approximate total area of tanks is 100sq.m. There is a central feed passage through the building, accessed from either end via a roller shutter in the gable.

There are also 66 individual lambing pens and a sheep handling unit. The sheep handling unit includes a footbath and sheep race. All areas are separated using permanent of removal agricultural gate systems.

The CAFRE Hill farm at Glenwherry has a flock of 1,100 ewes which provide a range of services to CAFRE students, farmers and the agriculture industry. This building will provide Sheep farmers the able to safely and efficiently handle large numbers of animals using these new facilities at Greenmount Campus.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

E Quinn Civils Ltd worked with the Considerate Constructors Scheme on this project. This scheme outlines Codes of Considerate Practice which was implemented during the construction process. This involved the consideration to neighbours around the New Sheep House, as well as respectful, environmentally conscious, responsible and accountable, taking into consideration appearance and safety.